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Take handful of fenugreek seeds, (increase the quantity depending on thicknes nd length).
Take water in the bowl, nd put the seeds into it. . . .
1. soak in water overnight, at least for 6 to 7 hrs.
2. In morning grind it in mixture, til it becomes a smooth paste.
3. Thn aply on scalp (mainely) nd thn, frm top to bottom hair.
4. Wash it whn u fil its gtg to dry. Wash b4 by warm water. Wash it of totaly frm ur hair. Clean your hair nd thn use ur shampo nd coditinor.
5. It wil smooth your hair aftr 3 washes. Nd al ur scalp related problem vl b solvd.

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This really does make your hair feel amazing! I've only tried it once and my hair felt silky smooth for about a week...only downside, is it smells really bad for over a week. You kind of get used to the smell and stop noticing it, but others can still smell it (even though I was washing my hair daily). I don't think I can do this again because my hubby complained about the smell everytime I got near him! I also tried taking fenugreek internally, but after a few days my sweat and urine starting smelling like fenugreek! It's really strong stuff, but if you can take the smell it will do wonders for your hair!


Um... I could hardly read what this said. If you are gonna help someone out, have the decency to spell everything out and make sure they can read it.

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