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Use mint toothpaste. Rub either on the areas needed or all over face. Let dry and then rub it off with a very warm washcloth. Works very well for me.

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I have had SO much trouble with bleakheads All my life, so I did the HoT water on a washcloth 2x then applied the toothpaste let it sit for about 2-3 min., wiped my nose gently with HOT water on the washcloth, then squeezed, after that cold water and my nose looks amazing right now!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!! :)


Don`t do it so often, `cause the toothpaste burns your skin, is the same thing with the lemon juice.


i have blackheads on my nose i put on the toothpaste and then cleaned it with a hot towel and it left it amazinggg(:


Did not work for me.. Kinda made it worse.


Made mine worse to...and it burns. Mabe its because i have dry skin.


Ok i browsed the site and it said you have to do this for a week.


Can i use fresh mint leaves instead of mint toothpaste ?

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