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Okay, this morning I decided to experiment. I heard they use Baking Soda on the Statue of Liberty, so I put some Baking Soda on my toothpaste (while on the toothbrush, of course) and brushed my teeth. Wow! I could not believe it!!! They were white! Not quite pearly white, but they were white! But I did notice part of my gums were bleeding. Incase this happens to you, don't worry... It only jappened because the plaque was builing up in your gums. I also noticed that there was a texture difference in my teeth. They were smooth!

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I bet the first person that commented has bad teeth...why else would you have been on these questions? Loser


How much did u put on


I haven't tried this (yet) but I just wanna say that this is a great idea and fine for every once in a while but PLEASE don't do this everyday. You could damage your teeth and you don't want to that :) but I think I am gonna try this, got a huge party coming up and my crush is gonna be there ;) xxx thanks xxx


Love Love Love this <3


great idea....THANKS A TONNN

Why do you need to know my name?

I did the same thing! And my teeth are white and smooth! Its great isnt it?


Do u c tht no one thought the rude comment was funny? CUZ IT WAS MEAN! leave this person alone they were trying to give u whiter teeth and they dont need comments from u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Omgosh! I took a before n after pic and there is a difference in shade color! :) & my teeth are so smooth! I would totally recommend it


Oh my gosh!!! Thank u so much!!! Everyone made fun of me and wouldnt go out with me just cus me teeth werent white!!! Now they are and i am confident to be me and can show my teeth whenever i want instead of hiding them!!! Thx again!!!


loved the outcome...thank you!!!!

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