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NU-STOCK!!! My chihuahua got mange a couple years ago. I identified it as demodex mange. I tried with no luck to use the borax and hydrogen peroxide treatments. It made her skin so dry and I just didn't think it worked well at all. I finally did some research and our local farm store carries something called NU-STOCK which contains sulfer and it worked like magic. I only had to use it like two or three times. You put it on, let it sit for a few minutes, and give them a bath. It stinks, but it is cheap and works awesome!!!!!!! Her mage was improving within days. It took a while for all her hair to grow back, but I saw a difference within a few days of using it. I think it was only like 9 bucks too.

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How is your chihuahua doing now? Because mine is a mixture of a chihuahua and a jack russel and shes been on and off with mange until her third vet finally diagnosed her with mange. Though we have already paid around 200 dollars and still counting because she is going to get treatments though if NU-STOCK works i prefer to try that better. Sophie(dog) and I ARE really desperate!


Where can you buy this at?


try t-gel it has sulfur in it too


our dog is a cross between chiwuawau n shitshou , i notice he was losing hair above his eye ,, not sure if this is mange ,, but have my doubts ,, i feel really bad for him ,, and want to do something for him ,, he is my baby ,, since the passing of my son ,,,, smix is my only companion,, please i need help ,, love him too much to see him suffer ,,,, thank you

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