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I use Aldara creme, it didn't work, and it hurt and cost quite a bit of money. My doctor used liquid nitrogen to freeze my warts and that is the only thing that worked for me. You have to be patient and the warts will fall off after a couple treatments every two weeks or so. Don't over do it, you want to keep your penis right? :) Also, you must get one or two extra treatments because if you don't it will come back. I stopped going to my doctor after tehy disappeared and they came back 6 months later. You should keep getting treatment even after they seem to have gone to kill off any remaining virus.

be patient, use nitrogen, it works. I will try freeze away if possible, but I have insurance so i'll use doctor for now.

Now , to lying liars and their lies that they tell:

El Nympho. You are such a liar! 14000 to remove 9 warts? what planet do you think we live on? Stop lying . People please don't use his/her remedy and please don't cut off the wart right after applying freeze away etc. you may infect yourself.

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