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Plantars warts are painful as we as know, so I'll skip all that and how I got it.
Its on my heel difficult area to see it so just thought it a callous, so its been there 5+ years.
1) drill bits (2)
2) ped egg
3) dremel sanding drum
4) wart stick (40% salicylic acid)
5) apple cider vinegar
I started with ped egg but found to slow for me, jumped to course sandpaper with dremel tool which creates heat fast touch and stop but takes down real fast.
applied wart stick and cover bandaid. Did for a week daily basis, demel is not needed any more, can use a power drill as well if you don't have a dremel.
Wart is very soft now. I used a small sterilized drill bit BY HAND to twist into the wart goes in very easy, then go up to next size or two drill bit, now have a very neat hole, I only went to depth of tolerable pain. Not blood. Found babies on both sides as well. More acid more drilling for another few days, finished with apple cider vinegar daily for a week, applied to cotton then band aid. I found the acv to burn less than the acid. Wart free. This is my story and nothing else.

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That is just plain disgusting...usually,you should use Dr.Scholls(read the back,it can be used for plantars warts IF you get that kind,not for gentile warts.) Getting all that stuff would cost the same as just getting the package. Freeze away works better than the regular bandage and medicine pads and most likely your method. Use it as directed, and after 2 or 3 weeks if it does not go away,try using a different product. The best thing to do is to go to the doctor so they can freeze it off with something even stronger than the regular Freeze Away.


Confused as to why your posting your remedies here start your own thread. If you would have taken the time to read more threads that people have tried your recommendations without positive results. I suppose you could tell everyone that visits this site Home remedies just go to the doctor, then their would really be no reason for the site to exist. You sound like a salesperson for
Dr. Scholl, well then make a better
product. All items used by me came from bathroom, tool box and kitchen cupboard. The best tool was the drill bit. I suppose if the wart had been on my big toe so I could get it up to my mouth I would add some dill to the apple cider vinegar so when I chewed it off would get a hint of pickles.


Go to youtube search plantars wart removal within the first 10 searches should see actual doctor's procedure, numbing injections, and use of a curet, wiki says curette, spoon like surgical tool. Watch the doctor force and scoop tissue not straight down but all around scooping and scraping deep tissue and scooping some more. Remember doctors have a license to PRACTICE medicine on you. This gave me the drill bit idea.


This story literally made me laugh out loud. Drill bit those warts. Hahahaha!!! Glad it worked for u. I don't mind the unbearable pain that acid treatments bring. But I can't bring myself to what you did. Hat tip to you!


Hilarious. I also find it hilarious to the react of 'that is just plain disgusting'

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