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im probably too young to be in here (doubt it) but i have something that parents might wanna know. 4 years ago i went to a movie theater (that im never going to again....) and i was given head lice. joy. i was in school and my head started itching so i took off my headband and there were like, 7 live bugs in it. eww. i showed my teacher and she said it was nothing. the next day i went home in tears to my mom (parents are divorced by the way) and demanded to get a haircut it itched so bad. my brother then got it too. i have really thick, brown, long hair and lice seemed to think it was the hangout of the century. yay. my mom bought NIX and RID or whatever and at first it worked but the 2nd time the lice were used to the burning. just my luck. same with the rid. I tried mayo. that worked but u guessed i missed a section of hair because they CAME BACK!!!!! i hate mayo. i was battling lice for like 3 months that seemed forever. i couldnt go to parties, or do anything then kill my hair. ugh darn lice. i was staying home at my dads and then he decides to take me on a kill lice spree. (i love him so much :) ) by bow, my brothers lice was gone and he was at school staying at my moms to not get lice again. on the lice killing spree, we went to whole foods. in the shampoo section was tea tree oil shampoo mixed with soothing stuff. we bought that. we also bought a metal toothed comb and another lice killing treatment that smelled like twizzlers. we tried the twizzler kit and it heated my head and it was uncomfortable. i was in tears again by these little bugs that were taking over my hair. tea tree oil was in the bathroom and i was just sitting there staring at it. dad had read that it's not the best choice for a child. he called up my Dr and the Dr said that 3 months was enough and that i could use the tea tree oil. IT WORKED. I know it's bad and all but it worked. no offense ( no hate comments) but i rather have them gone then use RID again to not work. it made my hair really nice too. i think i found an egg this morning and im going to a wedding in 6 days. im fighting it with tea tree oil and a chi straightener. let me know if anyone wants me to update. I GONNA KILL THIS BUGS. I WILL PREVAIL.

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DiD it work ???
wht was the name of the stuffz u used
im gonna need some of that

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