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I found this website page last year when I was suffering for the 2nd year in a row with eczema. I tried so many remedies, and started using a cortizone cream (Cortizone 10) and it worked. BUT the next year it came back worse than before. As an RN I know that cortizone is NOT good for the skin over a long period of time. Well, what I didn't remember was that cortizone can thin your skin. Over time this causes even more damage to the tissues and they're more susceptible to injury/illness. So when my eczema returned, it was worse. Long story short, I promised that I would come back on this site when I found a cure that worked for me. I began using coconut oil. It was truly a miracle (and a natural one at that!). Instantly the itch was gone. Later that day the redness was diminishing, within 3 days it was almost completely gone! I wanted to cry I was so happy. After a week, you could barely even see any signs of a rash. Along with the coconut oil, I did take a turmeric supplement. I have NOT broken out in a rash since last year and if I do, I'm going right back to using coconut oil. A side benefit, coconut oil is excellent on toast; or coconut oil with sugar and cinnamon on toast is like a dessert :-) The tastiest brand and best brand I have used for my rashes (and a snack...weird in the same sentence, I know!) is the Nutiva brand. Our local herb shop sells it, but it is sold on The turmeric I used was a store brand (500 mg.) one to two capsules/day. Turmeric and coconut oil both have wonderful uses for the health of your body. Google them and read all you can to help yourself or a loved one. Good luck and God bless!!

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when you used the coconut oil, what was your regimen? did you use it in place of lotion for your whole body? just on the infected areas? or did you just include coconut oil into your diet?


The coconut oil is much available in Asian/Indian stores as Indians uses coconut oil for hair every day. Turmeric is also used in Indian cooking every day and facial, whole body as it helps to kill germs.


The answer to solving eczema is simple:
drink a lot of water: what is a lot of water: i'm a 175 lb male and must drink at least one gallon of fluids (water, being the best choice)per day.
That was the easy part.
DO NOT consume or limit drastically to any and all sugars (refined sugar is the worst, like the stuff you find in sodas and candy)with the exception of naturally producing sweeteners found in fruits.
results take about a week or so depending on your level of determination in getting rid of your eczema.


Yes indeed. Tried Coconut Oil this evening on my hands and it instantly took out the sting and itch. THANKS.


Hi, This is Missy. I didn't use any certain schedule to using the coconut oil. I used it several times throughout the day, whenever I felt I needed it. For the most part, I applied it to my skin on just the areas that were affected. I do eat coconut oil but not as much as I'd like to! I save it mainly for the eczema. Applying it directed to the areas of itch/inflammation help most and immediately. Yes, water helps (as with any disease/illness) more than people realize, but not every remedy fits every person. Where water alone helps one person, it may not help another. I suggest always being well hydrated. It helps 'clear' out many illnesses, mucus, etc... as well as give clear skin. The body needs fluids in order to function properly.
Coconut oil is available online (amazon, etc...) by many retailers. I suggest the extra virgin Nutiva brand.


I forgot to mention that I used coconut oil in place of any lotion until the skin was healed. A lot of lotions contain ingredients that are irritating to the skin (fragrances, etc.). Once my skin is healing, I do apply coco butter lotion, but I just started using coco butter recently. It's very soothing to dry skin. You could also use other lotions but if you start to feel your skin being irritated by any of your lotions, start using the coconut oil again until healed. @ Val, you're very much welcome!! I'm glad I could help :-)
It's great to find a natural alternative to steroids, etc...


hello, im a male, 30 years i have same problem. Yes. i totally agree with coconut oil and also has a cream available in the food supplement store but the problem is.. its smells, - my bed smell like something.

i do smell like an east indian old man now. is there any alternative aside from coconut oil?


my baby has eczema, can you please tell which coconut oil did you use. there is a lot of coconut oil in amazon. Thanks


what about my head when i get hot my head is so bad with eczema i just know others must think i have head lice but i dont how would i use coconut oil on my hair thank you cindy

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