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Ms Sunshine

I found a dark colored line down the middle of my large toe about a month after one of those spa pedicures (when I had to redo the polish). I was horrified because I have never experienced this before now. So I rubbed some tea tree oil on it a few times, reapplied nail polish and ignored it for a month. After 4 weeks of rubbing in tea tree oil (over the polish) of course it was still there. So I set out to find a fast and free remedy that would not kill my kidneys or liver in the process.

This is what worked and with little to no effort, I am free of fungus and my nail is almost grown out.

I began taking a probiotic, cut down on sugar (not by much because I am a chocolate freak) and managed to squeeze in 4 treatments that included the following:

1/3 cup of apple cider vinegar, mixed with 1/3 cup of hydrogen peroxide and soak my infected toe for 20 minutes


Rinse foot and soak in a mixture of 1/3 cup of bleach (yes bleach) and 1/3 cup of water, anywhere from 1 to 5 minutes, however long you can stand it and then rinse.

The Key I believe to this working was exposing the infected area. So I took a grinder tip from my husbands drill set and ground the nail bed until it looked like a valley on the surface of my big toe, and caused the bed at the infection to be very thin and then pushed on it until it cracked.

After I had done the treatment 4 days in a row - during which time I applied tea tree oil and kept a band aid over it - since it was sandal season - then I was able to apply polish, a shimmery color so as to not draw attention to the crack in my nail bed, but as to not get polish in the crack.

Just to be safe - throw away any polish you may have used on the infected nail.

I am happy to report that my toe looks great, minus the much smaller crack in my nail bed that is almost completely grown out. YAY!!!!

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l am using original listerine daily with good resuults can take up to 1 year for full cure i recommend this procedure Don.Nason

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