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I have had a SEVERE toothache pain, Its been going on for about a week, no sleep, cant eat... I tried a few things on here and some worked some didnt..

Vanilla - Not a chance
Tea Bag - For about 10 minutes.
Peanut Butter - Nope not a chance.

I am just starting antibiotics, vicodine nor mortin or any other OTC medicine was working.. So I wanted some relief, So i looked in the medicine cabinet just out of curiosity..I used a cotton swap and saturated it with Chloraseptic spray ( the one to numb a sore throat ) well the numbness has warn off, and its been 4 hours and still NO PAIN... l will be keeping this handy at all times... Hope it works for someone else.

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Omg thank you thank you thank you it works sooooooooooo good i'v had NO pain in like a hour


omg!! thank you so much and it is numb now but will keep using this it is so much better than orjel for me it is lasting longer..


It did not work for me.


im about to try that


I am about to try that my tooth is maken crazy....


cazy crazy and crazy


I'm trying this now and so far so good!! Will let you known in a few hours :) thanks for the idea


Thank u so much its working! I tried oragel and it didnt work, but this is amazing.


My wife came home from work in excruciating pain. After reading comments about this method,I soaked a cotton ball in chloraseptic spray. Minutes later it fully alleviated her tooth pain. Thank you for this :)


awesome...tried it and it works...

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