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Heyy... i have been suffering with toothache for about a week as i am waiting for an appointment with the dentist. i have a massive whole in my tooth and i have found that the only thing that eases the pain is infact crushef up paracetamol and place it into the whole. it works a treat!! Within a couple of minutes the pain goes. Another thing that works is clove oil. tastes disgusting but its amazing. good luck!!

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Does'nt work, only thing that will cure a toothache is anti-biotics and strong perscribed pain killers. I have tried all of these remidies on this site and some of them will offer short term relief but in the long run all they are doing is aggrevating the infection and helping it to grow... the only way i could get some sleep until i got to the dentist next morning was a knock-out punch from 1 of my mates.... my advice is to get your anti-biotics and pain killers and make sure to get enough supply for a toothache in the future so u get some sleep b4 u go to ur dentist next morning


the nasty taste would make you forget about all the pain your in

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