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About a year ago I had a filling fall out and due to no insurance as well as my pay being cut into half, I'm stuck with dealing with this myself. I've been using a temporary filling from Walgreens. The filling came out 2 weeks ago and I had run out of temporary filling and put sime more in 2 nights ago. Yesterday morning I woke up with really bad pain and an abcess on my gums right above the tooth that I temporaryily filled. The abcess is above the tooth between my my gumline and my cheek. Last night I gargled with salt water then brushed my teeth real well and sterilized a needle. I popped the abcess with the needle a few times in different spots. I did feel relief of the pressure but no pus had come out. I took 800 mil of ibuprofen and went to bed. This morning I woke up with a slight feeling of pressure and slight pain. Throughtout the day it's been getting stronger and I'm starting to feel some pressure in my cheeks and right below my eye is starting to swell. Just wondering if I should try to drain it again tonight, like I had said, there was relief from the pressure but my gums are alittle sore today.

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You need to see a doctor. I had a similar situation and waited too long for a viist to the doctor. As a result the infection worsened and I became incredibly ill. You may think that you can cure this at home, but you are only making it worse and far more serious - see a doctor for anti-biotics right away!

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