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Over a period of years and by a process of elimination I was able to conclude beyond doubt that cranberries either brought on or exacerbated my herpes outbreaks (in my navel cleft, top of behind crack).
Steering clear of them, I can go many many months without but only a week ago I had some christmas cake, two days later outbreak. checking the ingredients, there they were. I'm not saying the same will apply to everyone but it is worth monitoring.

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Thank you for this. I just started drinking cranberry juice this week and sure enough I had an outbreak....It never occurred to me that it could be the cranberry juice....


Thanks for the info. This makes total since I started drinking an overabundance of cranberry juice about a month and a half ago to help in 'female health'. I have been suffering from a severe outbreak for over a month now! The pieces are all falling into place now lol.


Thanks for the info.i think so bcause I just had cranberries scone tuesday and the next day I got my ob

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