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Thanks for all of the contributions. Here is mine;

One of the medical approaches focusses upon the production of Dopamine in the brain. As we relax, dopamine production falls away, and the resulting changes in 'signal' activity cause the feeling of impending movement and sudden twitches. This fits with many of the suggestions on this forum, since exercises, activities, having sex,focussing your mind on things etc will all cause the dopamine production to rise again. The problem is our brains, not our legs.

This is particularly important to me, because my dad had Parkinsons disease, and eventually died from it; the medication for RLS is the same, with the same effects; i.e. it wears off, has to be taken in increasing doses etc etc. I've been reassurred by my Dr that having RLS is not an indicator that I will get Parkinsons. (What a relief).

Understanding that it is due to a reducing level of Dopamine producton when we relax, helps.

Unfortunately it seems to be that those of us with this pattern of dopamine production, will be stuck with it, since it gets worse as we get older (I am 60).

Incidentaly, my partner tells me that the jerking legs continue after I am asleep. So, the trick is to get to sleep before the RLS stops you. This is where the sleep preparation activities help; you doze off before the RLS gets you! I believe that we get so anxious about the RLS, that we get a Placebo effect when we find a 'cure', and so get to sleep before the thing kicks back in, purely out of relief.

So that is my contribution; understand that it is due to lowering Dopamine levels when you relax, divert yourself (to lift the levels again), and prepare yourself for sleep in a planned way. Clearly this means caffeine, alcohol etc are unhelpful.

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Laurie J.

I have not been able to take naps because of my RLS. I have had RLS for 12 years, and whenever I would like to take a nap, my RLS begins within minutes of falling asleep. So sleep preparation is not the key to mine. Lowering salt will help everyone! Take it out of your diet as much as possible and add magnesium also. I have been on a 2 mg. dose at night for quite some time and believe the control of salt will stay the same. I also have a real bad time for evening drives for more than 30 minutes. Being in control of the drive and music helps me quite a bit. Magnesium is a muscle relaxer of sorts and salt blocks that process of absorbtion. Also 'BM's' help somehow. Evening and at night and daytime sitting for more than a couple of hours are a problem. Sometimes I take a 1/4 of Requip (generic)during those times, not too much because it makes me fall asleep.


I really like your comment. I have concluded that there is no 'home remedy' for RLS and will have to break down and go to a doctor as sleep has become virtually impossible. I controlled/dealt with mine for 20 years by sleeping on the floor and falling asleep around 2:00 to 3:00 AM but that has now become 5:00 AM. What I really liked was how delicately you handled the 'plecebo' type cures. I am not putting words in your mouth but teas, magnets, and bars of soap come to mind.


I can totally relate to your comment! I am a nurse who also has RLS and my first thought was Parkinson's. It runs in my family so of course I freaked out! LOL. I still haven't figured out what to do to help my situation, but I have also worried about poor circulation playing a part. I am going to keep researching it though I just hate to take meds regularly.

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