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What a Relief

After having the pain of this nasty boil on my butt, could not walk without crying, I kept looking for any home remedy to get rid of this, and after reading all these posts. My wonderful husband went to the local drug store CVS and bought 2 things CVS Brand Ichthammol Ointment is also called 'Draw Out Salve' and CVS Boil Relief cream/ointment. And first put the Boil Relief on first to get rid of the pain, and less than 6 hours later it popped and puss and blood all came out. It was instant relief, then after showering I put the Draw Out Salve to finish bringing it all up to the surface and out, and within 1 day I was so much better. try it, works great and less than $20

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Hi I have problem with boils I get them all the time. I not sure why I get them. But when I get them I have to get a antibiotic for it is they some med to take just before it's get to this point?

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