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Try to avoid foods that cause it. Fast foods can cause severe gas. Cut down on broccoli, dairy, beans, cabbage... anything that makes you have gas.

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No one asked how to prevent it, but how get rid of it........


Cutting out foods that are healthy for you is not the answer!


I'm the one that wrote the remedy. To the people below me... if you didn't like what I wrote... why'd you bother commenting. Oh... it's DUH not DOH. DUH!!!


To the person who wrote it and then later critiqued the people who commented on it; you are an idiot.

That is all.


Thank you for good advise on how to prevent gas in the first place. Excess gas has truly ruined my work,family and social life and I would like to prevent/ limit it in the first place. Then, it's helpful to read these other remedies for how to treat it if it does occur.


You don't have to cut out the foods. You just have to know either what to prepare them with or what not to eat them with. Try 'The Maker's Diet' and when preparing beans, cook them with a potato. Then discard the potato. You can also cook with a raw carrot, use baking soda, discard soaking water, rinse canned beans, use ginger or tumeric, add a little apple cider vinegar, and eat lots of beans. Your digestive track will get used to them.


Chewing food well helps prevent. I think prevention tips are in order but I agree that cutting out foods that are good for you is not the answer unless you have done everything possible to bring peace between these foods and your body and nothing has worked.

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