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Hey guys i have been using aldara cream for a few months now it does nothing but burn my skin and keep me up all night and today i can barely work im in that much pain. I am going to try the ACV treatment tonight, i am freaking out cause i dont have a big pain tolerence and from further comments that i have read it seems like it hurts. It seems worth it in the end though. Please if there is any advice or other treatments that might help me pretty please let me no.

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I actually was diagnosed with genital warts about a month ago. The warts had come so fast and became so plentiful very quickly that when I went to my doc he decided to apply the acid on only a few of them to avoid having me walk out of his office with a burnt bottom so he sent me home with a butt full of warts and told me to come back every two weeks for him to gradually remove the warts. I wasn't really feeling that so I decided to google up some home remedies and I saw some about the ACV treatment. I decided what the heck no point in not trying. I did what I had read and soaked cotton balls with the ACV and placed them on all the warts. I expected it to burn like how alcohol feels on an open sore but suprisingly, I didn't feel a thing. I decided to leave them there over night while I slept. The next morning when I woke up, I was in pure agony. The pain was horrible and when I tried to walk I thought I would collapse. I removed the cotton balls and looked at my warts and they had turned white like everyone had said so I didn't loose all hope. I decided to try my luck again though because I knew I was only a few steps closer to getting rid of the warts so a few hours later, after I bathed of course, I decided to try the same method with the cotton balls only this time I also placed 3 lysine tablets in the ACV and then soaked the cotton balls in the solution. It burnt like hell but I meditated and made it through about three more hours of pain with the solution placed on my warts. That night I decided to take another bath for relief and my bottom was so sore I didn't want to touch them but I forced myself to and to my suprise when I removed the washcloth, it was black. I realized I was wiping away all of my warts and even though the moment was a bit bittersweet because of the pain, I was one happy camper to get rid of those disgusting things. I took a mirror to get a look at my skin after I got out of the tub and it was a weird moment because all of the warts were gone but so was the skin where they were so it was like pink meat showing, but no warts so I could not complain. I put some neosporin on my open sores and since then I have had no more trouble. It is a very painful process but trust me when I say it's worth it and it works. A lot of people say it takes about a week but mine honestly took a day to get rid of and I had a good bit of them, at least 30. Also what to remember is to try and eat healthier and step up your vitamin c game. Lysine pills are good too for immune health. Remember hpv is a virus so it never goes away and the more you stress, smoke, and ignore your diet, the more likely these things are to come back. But anyway I wish you luck!!!


@Original Poster... Definitely take Laura's advice... ACV all the way!

@Laura... Thanks for your input! I'm an ACV fan all the way! It's so sad that our medical system is so screwed up that they refuse to give advice on cheap easy effective home remedies. When I went to the Dr's they wanted to charge me $250 for each liquid nitrogen treatment weekly, and probably for a good 3 months. $3000 for their treatments vs. $1 for ACV... That's exactly why our medical system is so outrageously overpriced when they are all for profit and not treatment.

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