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First off to all thoose who say they will go to the dentist when they can after the pain stoped. You should know that as ur tooth continues to decay it will only cost more to get it pulled. So go get it done now....seriously.... Secondly home remidies to try:of course there is the ibuprophen and antibiotics but it seems they only work for so long so try very very salty water (water can be cold, warm, hot whatever you tolerate best) its important that u dont swish!! that will just make it worse. just let the water sit in ur mouth for a few minutes. Now the next part i urge u to be very careful on who trys this. If you have high blood pressure or are on any kind of blood thiners DO NOT do the following. Look for any visible swelling inside ur mouth located around the tooth that is hurting (keep in mind that sometimes our nerves are so fried that u may experiance pain on a lower tooth but really have an infection on the top tooth) if you do see sweeling do the following with caution... You need to poke the buble of pus and push out the pus i know its total gross but it will help so much. just make sure u sterilize whatever u are going to use before doing it. thats about all u can do for a tooth ache at home. so get ur butt to a dentist cuz it wont ever go away even if the pain is gone......p.s. im a dental assistant

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You should never poke an infected area in your mouth. Dentist's use a syringe, so all the puss will go through the tube and will not be in your mouth, or worse swallowed. Do not attempt such 'home remedies' and seek the real professionals!


An ER tech used a needle on an abcess I had, she told me to use a boiled needle at home.

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