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I have used an organic remedy for nearly a year now and it works amazingly. The product is made by Caleb Treeze Organic Farm and is actually based on an old Amish remedy. It's called Stops Leg Cramps, and I kid you not this stuff will stop even the most severe cramp right away and can also prevent them entirely for a good 24 hours. When I feel a cramp coming on I will sometimes even take a dose before I go to bed and not even have to worry about it.

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Robert White

I purchased this old Amish product and tried it for a couple of weeks. It did NOTHING to stop or releive leg and foot cramps. Save your money. This does NOT work.


i would beg to differ! i use this rememdy quite often and have never had it to fail!


can you use this on children?

Clay Flowers

I agree.Both me and my wife use it for
foot and leg every time
like clockwork.

Joe in Pa.

I have tried everything from soap in the bed to Hylands, to potassium, magnesium, Quinine water and nothing worked for my MONSTER LEG CRAMPS . I bought the Amish stuff about a month ago my three year battle with leg cramps is FRIGGEN GONE !! It's a miracle cure for cramps but the vinegar taste is Brutal. I dont care about the taste. I would have bitten the head off a rattle snake just to get rid of the cramps.

Luis R. Morales

For leg cramp i have used with good results , 3 teaspoon of salad vinegar(tarragon) then add 1 teaspoon of
honey, stir it on a glass and drink, for five consecutive days, then whenever the cramps flare up again, do it again, as matter of fact after i followed this advised, last for a couple of month before i had the symptom again, good luck


This product works amazingly. I guess not everything works for everybody, but I mean come on I have recommended this Stops Leg Cramps stuff to at least 5 people and all of them thanked me profusely.

Keep in mind leg cramps can also be caused by underlying medical conditions - this stuff helps with COMMON leg cramps and muscle cramps. I'd really suggest at least giving it a try before you doubt it.


The Amish cure works on my unbelievable leg/foot cramps. If dill pickle juice works and the Amish cure is vinegar based..... must be the vinegar. When this bottle (my first) is gone, I think I will try just plain cider vinegar.


I ordered 2 bottles because the price per bottle was cheaper that way.
Did not work and tastes really nasty. Contains garlic and well as the cider vinegar. They have a money back guarantee less postage. I mailed them back and got a credit on my charge card.

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