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I got a plantar wart about a year ago, and was unsure of what it was at first. It started out small, on the bottom of my left heel. It soon grew to be a pretty big nasty wart and a smaller one just recently popped up next to it. I finally discovered the identity of these by doing research on the internet, and was really glad when I found I could get rid of them. They are ugly, embarassing, gross, and painful little monsters and I wanted them OFF OF MY FOOT! I was looking on this site and saw a lot of posts about using ACV, but they all talked about a lot of pain, and as you can probably relate to, I was not too psyched about having to go through that. Plus, I have a busy schedule and don't have time for any more pain than the warts were already causing me. But then I came across one that talked about using clear nail polish, which I had, so I thought I might try it. I put the nail polish on both warts after my shower at night. It dried surprisingly fast. Within even a day I started to notice a difference: the warts were turning a darker color. I kept applying the nail polish every day, usually after my shower or whenever I thought of it, but I had no specific pattern. After a week, the warts were a dark brown/black-ish color and I no longer had any pain. One night, I noticed that the large wart was peeling, and I was able to peel it right off and discover actual skin underneath!!! It was still an open sore, but I was very happy that it was gone. I was also surprised because I thought the little one would be the first to go, but I'm still working on that one. This method was AMAZING!!! The only pain I felt the entire time was just the fact that after the wart was gone it was an open sore. And, I didn't even need to leave my house to get the treatment. I'm so happy I will be able to show my heel again without embarassment! I would really recommend this for people who want a cheap, pain-free method (and who doesn't)! :)

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What did your wart look like? Mine looks like about the size of smaller button. And it has peeled but it's still white as paper and I see no real skin when I remove the dead skin. I would really like to try this if we had similar warts. Thank you.

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