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Apple Cider Vinegar!! Yeah thats it.

Stuff to pick up
1. Apple Cider Vinegar
2. Cotton Balls
3. Scholl Corn protection foam pads
4. Leukoplast or some medical adhesive tape.
5. Voveran/Diclofenac/Pain Killers.
6. Q-tip
7. Surgical Scalpel - No 11
8. Latex glove
9. Surgical Spirit
10. Pumice stone

This method will take atleast a week but will fix the wart for good. I had this plantar wart under my foot right below the toe. It was a real PIA!. I went to doc and she prescribed duofilm to be coated on the wart till it softens, i tried this for a month but no use. Then told me to put calus cap on it, tried that for a week and burnt all the healthy tissue around the wart but no change for the VIP on my leg. So finally found this website, i dont have words to thank the people who suggested the ACV treatment. It works and really well. But be ready to take some serious burning. This is what i followed.

1. Use the latex glove always as these wart have tendencies to spread.
2. Use surgical spirit to clean the entire area and remove all the dirt around the wart.
3. Use the pumice stone to scrub the wart, no need to make it bleed and all.
4. Put the corn protection foam on the wart so that the wart is visible through the center hole on the foam, this is to protect the healthy tissue around the wart.
5. Use the q-tip to put some ACV on the wart.
6. Soak a cotton ball small enuf to fit the hole in the foam pad.
7. Put some adhesive tape to put the foam pad in place and also the cotton ball.

Repeat this procedure for 3 days, Have the pain killers if you cant bear the pain.

On the 3rd day, You will see black lines on the wart and yellowish white ring around the wart.

1. Use the surgical scalpel ( Be very careful ) to extract the wart from the core part, if it pains wait for one or two days with the ACV stuff. Do not go very deep as well. But do as it goes.
2. Continue the ACV for atleast 6-7 days.
3. Now that you have hole under ur feet and have made sure all those warty tissue is gone, use some topical antibiotic cream and some gauze to be pushed in to the hole and bandaid it.
4. Continue this until the hole is fully filled up with healthy tissue.

:) walla!! u r wart free and free to run around.

Couple of things which i learnt from this.

1. Do not roam around in common places which are wet, without a slipper or shoe.
2. If you are using a common shower make sure u wear a shoe.
3. Over the counter medicines such as corn cap, callus cap, salicilic acid are useless.

PS: Always use latex glove to touch or do anything on the wart. Do not let it spread.

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