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If you give the dog a piece of raw liver after he eats it, the ticks will come right off the dog, my problem is how to get rid of them from your yard or house prior residents that had a dog and did not take good care of their pet

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i tried the raw liver, and by no means did any fleas jump off of my pets. guess it's time to try the dawn dish soap. they have flea collars, but that did not work well either. thank god liver is cheap!

edith miller

well i wanted to know about salt for carpets in i have about a six week kitten in i just nottice she had fleas on her i try the dawn dishwashing soap got some but some r still moving around


according to the post 'feeding your dog liver' Its supposed to remove TICKS not Fleas

expert in ridding fleas

to get rid of fleas in your yard, sprinkle
powered LIME all around your home. you can purchase a 50lb bag of lime at your hardware store.


spray your yard with clorox at least twice a month and it will kill all fleas & ticks.

Romeo's guardian

Lime and Clorox?! What is wrong with you people. Kill the fleas, not the dog!!


To the person with the kitten, I have used Skin So Soft bath oil from Avon for many years for those of my pets that were too young for the treatments such as Frontline, etc. It doesn't harm them. I just purchased a cheap spray bottle and mixed the SSS with water, about 50/50. SSS is also good for dogs that have bad fleas. You just mix the SSS with water in a bathtub and pour over the dog keeping a clean washcloth over their eyes. The fleas will die and fall into the water. I know that this may not be considered a 'home remedy' but SSS has other uses, i.e. keeping away certain bugs, so to keep it on hand is a good thing.


Just because a dog has fleas, that does NOT mean they aren't taken care of! I volunteer my time at my local animal shelter. Trust me when I say that both of my girls are spoiled rotten, but the fleas won't discriminate when they hop on me from the dogs at the pound.


I've heard of using 8oz of bleach and a gallon of water would kill the fleas ticks and parvo. I still have not tried this. Just wanted to put it out there see if anyone else has tried it.


I will try the clorox to see if it Kills ticks, and I will let everyone know.

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