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Anal itching in children can be caused by pin worms. Place a piece of scotch tape over anus over night to look for evidence. The worms will crawl out and get stuck on the tape as they are more active at night time.

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Tape is the best way to detect pinworms. I did this for my daughter and brought the 'sample' to my doctor. My doctor did her own tape test and sent it to the lab. We got a prescription but opted not to treat the other siblings (as advised as pinworms are very contagious), they had no symptoms so I am glad we did not treat them.


Whats the big deal about the tape?? The thaught of worms in my childs anus is WAY more disturbing than scotch tape!
I was also told to do the 'tape test' by our family doctor. However, I was given two glass slides, told to apply the tape to the skin very very close to the anus, then place the tape over the slides (not to leave it overnight)... I brought the slides back to the doctors office and they were examined for pinworm eggs, not just the actual worms.
Those of you who are quick criticise, you should do some research first!
Google pinworms, and read before you speak.... you will soon realize just how common the 'tape test' is!


This is funny! I'm not sure if they are a parasite, but I know the safest(most natural) and most efective way to kill ANY parasites is by eating a Tablespoon of Diatomaceous earth a day. It's cheap and has a whole HELL of a lot of good properties such as lowering high blood pressure, cholesterol, great for joints, hair, nails, you can feed it to animals to kill worms and such. Also, put it around the house it kills bugs. rub it on your pet it kills fleas/ticks. If your child has head lice, i think you get the point. there is a website called 'earthworkshealth'

vet student

pin worms are an endoparasite meaning they live inside the body. first lets talk about how its contracted. kids can contract this from most likely school/daycare. a child who has pin worms will have anal itching(the adult pin worms crawl outside the hole of the anus and lay eggs that causes pruritis AKA itching), the child will then reach in their pants and scratch their anal region. (most young kids have terrible hygiene and will not wash their hands after they scratch.) after they scratch the eggs will be on their hands (NOTE YOU CANT SEE THE EGGS BECAUSE THEY ARE VERY VERY TINY)the kid will touch things. another kid comes along and touches what they touch, then they will put their hands/fingers in their mouth. within a few weeks they will develop pin worm. TADA! thats the lifecycle. so if your child has bad anal itching and rash cream isnt working, take them to the dr. medication is needed to kill the worms, no external cream will work since the parasites live inside the body. so you are just wasting your time.

i didnt learn this info on google, i am a vet student in college and i learned all about this in a parasitology class since some animals carry this parasite (ei horses) humans have it alot too (ei young children in school or daycares)

dont do a tape test at home, take your child to the dr and let a professional look. they know what to look for =]




Tape on the child's butt isn't such a big deal. The itching is absolutely terrible; they'll be willing to do anything to get rid of it. 'My child won't let me'? Excuse me, but who is the adult in this situation? Who knows best?

A remedy we often use in our household to help with the itching until the chosen medication takes affect is Vicks Vaporub (active ingredients: menthol, camphor, and eucalyptus oil). Rub into the child's underwear roughly where the anal entrance is to stop the worms from moving around, therefore causing itching. Will take a few hours to notice improvement.


Seriously, whats the big deal? Ive done this before and my kids barely batted an eye. Stop letting the tail wag the dog. If your child trusts you, they will willingly do this if they think it will alleviate the itch. Its painless. Sheesh.


You do not have to put tape.cayenne pepper makes them visible in stool. This whole country needs more education on this. They can become a terrible problem quickly. Our previous generations knew best. See Hulda Clrkes. The cure for all deseases

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