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This will only work for a 'shallow' abscess that you can see clearly on your gum (a whitish area on the bump), and it comes with a BIG warning. It hurts horribly! But not as much as the abscess... Do ALL the steps if you want to see results.

Press salt into the gum with your finger, holding the salt on the affected area, and even massaging it in, if you can bear it. Do this every half hour for two or three hours. It WILL throb incredibly. And it will actually wreck the skin there, causing it to thin and then peel off within a day. IF the abscess is fairly close to the surface, this allows it to begin draining, relieving the pressure and taking away the pain. The salt also kills bacteria.

AT THE SAME TIME - you need to take an OTC anti-inflammatory, such as ibuprofen or cataflam. Do not exceed the recommended dose, but don't miss a dose either. Once an hour, rinse the affected area with an iodine mouthwash.

I have used this method and been pain-free within a day. Your gum will look awful for a day, white and yucky - but the 'salted' skin disappears quickly, leaving healthy gum tissue in its place.

Again - this will only work if the abscess is close enough to the surface to allow drainage.

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