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For yeast/skin infections on the exterior area.

Many of the suggestions up here seem like good options - particularly use of tea tree oil (since it is good against both bacterial and fungal infections), use of hydrogen peroxide, etc.

Two suggestions I might make are, after taking a shower, then also soaking in slightly chlorinated salt water (consider using iodinized salt) - 1/2 of bleach and 1 cup salt to a full tub. Soak for 20 minutes or so. Rinse off afterwards to get excess off. Pat dry the area with a clean washcloth that you wash in hot water with bleach and use a new one each time. Let the area then air dry for a while, before putting on clean cotton underwear (that was also washed in hot water with bleach).

At the same time, take Zicam cold tablets. Zinc appears to have good effect on fungal and skin infections. Consider also taking probiotics, garlic and other dietary efforts to help your system fight the infection. If it gets worse then obviously consider seeking medical help or going to stronger efforts.

I found that one problem with these infections is that you might succeed in fighting the fungal only to get a bacterial infection, or get contact dermititis (allergy), just inflammation/irrigation, or excessive dryness. Many times the problem is compounded by having to regain balance between the good bateria, food fungus, etc that naturally is in your skin/system. Once this balance is off, it is hard to regain and creams/topical medicines can start swinging you in one direction or the other. The more you can do by NOT putting something on for extended periods of time there you might fair better.

If you are trying a ton of stuff on it and it seems to be getting worse, it may be that you have won your original war (fungal) and it is now going in the opposite direction - bacterial, dryness, irrigation. If that is the case you might try to stop everything but the chlorinated salt baths, use a gentle skin conditioner with oatmeal and no other fragrances, and after that rinse off the excess, drying the area gently and let it air dry. Take the dietary efforts at this time since those can work without irritating the area.

Lastly, if you have a fungal infection, consider avoiding sugar, particularly very sweet desserts. Fungus feeds on sugar in your bloodstream (which is why diabetics have problems with fungal infections). Some will tell you that you should avoid all sugars including breads, etc. That can be tough - but at least consider cutting out desserts, white flower where you can, and eat a balanced diet.

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