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Best quick cure is cold pinnapple juice. The lactin in the juice is what works. I have also found that with most sore throats, not all, that gargling with peroxide, just a small mouthfull helps. I gargle as loog as I can and then spit it all out, (DO NOT SWALLOW), and then keep spitting as long as you can stand it. Then rinse with plain warm water. I would rise a few times. If it still hurts, repete one more time. If it did not help at all you may have strep throat. If you have fever too, get to a doctor a.s.a.p. - Until you can try the cold pinnapple juice, it works!

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I do not like pinapple juice but in desperation, i tried it. I could not even swallow pain killers- that's how bad my throat was! I drank one glass full of cold juice and within 1 hour, I was able to swallow without pain!


Lucky for me I love pineapples. Got a sore throat coming on and looking to prevent it getting worse


Thank you sooooooo much it really worked

Kaitlyn, 18

This does NOT work! I have been sick for 4 days and it just started getting bad. I drank a whole glass full and it still hurts to swallow.


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