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I had many toothaches over the years. It runs in the family. First, if you put presure on the tooth and it hurts, throbbs, it may be an abscess. This is very bad and you need to get in to a denist as soon as possible. Infections in the mouth can go to the heart and then you really have problems.
I had a dentist tell me that ibuprofen is the best. I found that placing a whole clove or two in next to the tooth helps. I place it between the gum and the inside of you cheek next to the affected teeth. It works after a couple minutes. I have a friend that swares by chewing an asprine with the tooth that is causing the pain. I tried it and it tasted nasty and it did little to help. Sometimes the tea bag works and sometime it does little or nothing. I had tried wiskey, sometimes it works and sometimes not. Keep trying different things to find out what works best with this toothache, this time. I wish you well

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