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I found that putting a lighted cigarette in your ear will draw out the air from your ears and give some temp relief. (please put the butt side in your ear) . also have a friend help you so that you do not light your hair on fire. It did help the dizziness.

Bakersfield Cal

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I just started having vertigo a week ago. called my sister because I know she has had it. She told me she tried some prescription med to no avail. It just eventually went away. But she still gets it now and then. I know my sinuses have been acting up, stuffy and I believe there is a connection. Ever blow your nose to hard and get dizzy? That's what this feels like without blowing my nose. I am going to try the Netti Pot for a few days and I will try the cigarette. I smoke anyway. What the heck. Thanks for the post. I don't wish vertigo on anybody. Its very disturbing!!


I had vertigo for more than 3 month,and still have it but I got a home remedy done...3 drops of warm olive oil in each ear, then blow cigar smoke in both ear again. you need to covered the ears with ear plug and leave over night. I am 80% better than with all of the treatments I got from the specialits, you have to do this 3 times. vertigo its scary and people shouldn't laugh about it.


Well for the person that can't spell, as soon as you do learn and are old enough to buy cigarettes and try it you can post your opinion. Anyways Ive had Vertigo for about three weeks now and Ive been trying everything. So I tried the cigarette and my symptoms are gone for now. I know I have allergy fluid in my right ear so Im going to try the Listerine too. I hope this helps. Vertigo has brought back my anxiety attacks too which I read affects the nervous system. Not the greatest thing to have.


How the heck did you even come upon this remedy? lol just odd but glad it worked.

as for the ignorant poster, IGNORE him/her.Don't fuel the fire of ignorance.

Dealing w/dizziness too in the I.E.

In response to 'Dizzy in San Diego''s comment about the product VertFree: 3 of the 4 ingredients are listed as toxic according to the info on Wikipedia. Herbal remedies can be successful, however; I would advise anyone I cared about to research the ingredients FIRST before taking any herbal supplement or treatment. In doing your own research you expand your knowledge base, and come to understand your body more in relation to how it reacts to herbals treatments and what you eat and do or not do (ie. your lifestyle; stressed, sedentary, habits, etc.) BTW; I didn't see a follow up response from her... did she take it?... is she ok? I hope so.


it's one common remedy used in East of Europe for ear, tooth pain or headache, u can also try small pieces of garlic inserted in your ear, wraped in a piece of cotton ball. I believe I probably got vertigo, or some sort of ear infection, or maybe intoxication, food poisoning, had diarrhea for the last two days, and as army wife says I am like a drunken person with a clear head, can't walk straight five steps, no loss of energy, and wonder what people say when they see me. I will try couple of home remedies and definitely body detox, by far one of the nastiest diseases
Best of health!

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