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I found that putting a lighted cigarette in your ear will draw out the air from your ears and give some temp relief. (please put the butt side in your ear) . also have a friend help you so that you do not light your hair on fire. It did help the dizziness.

Bakersfield Cal

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This is the same concept for ear candling. The smoke breaks up any impaction


To the idiot that wrote the obscene comment. You obviously have never had Vertigo or you wouldn't be saying it. Why are you even on this page? I have always said I wouldn't wish Vertigo on my worst enemy but now I have found someone worthy of wishing it to.


You know, I don't know how old this post is, but to the jerk off that wrote that retarded comment, you probably do fuck your own mother and your a sad pathetic little creep who has nothing better to do than fantasize about having the intelligence to even know what vertigo is and if you have ever been 'dizzy' it's probably because of the STD you probably caught from sucking your dogs dick. I really wish that people like you were captured and brought to another planet, dropped off and forgotten.... We would call it planet dip shit, after you.


I was looking for a home remedy for Vertigo. Well......I got that and more just from reading the comments from site visitors prior to me. I guess it takes all kinds of people to make up this world but I prefer to associate with the ones who show a little class and common sense even if they don't actually have either! The comment that was left by the pathetic idot that has an unatural attraction to his mother really shows his intelligence level-one that I believe I would want to hide instead of plastering it all over the place. As for the Vertigo remedy-it works! Try it!-(butt end in ear-not the lit end!)


I had vertigo so bad I was not able to get up and walk without falling. Now that the vertigo has subsided from the right side, I still have it in the left side when I lean to the left or backward. So, you are saying this rememdy works? sounds very interesting, but I guess I can give it a try. I just want this to go away for good. Thank You


From my experience ear candles made my vertigo worse. My doctor said that it increases the pressure in ones ear, and is only realy good for people with too much wax. My advise is to use with causion. Vertigo is one of the scariest feelings I've had, and I feel very sorry for anyone who has it:(

I won't be visiting this site again due to it not removing foul language from innapropriate posts.


I am A Army Wife & I have vertigo very bad. I just went to the ER last night the pills they keep giving me do not work. I keep telling them that But Army Doctors (Civillian & Military) Think the wives are looking to get high.
They are crazy, Vertigo feels like My body is drunk but My mind is sober.
It is awful.
I am going to wake my husband now & tell him to use this cigarette thing.
I am so desperate I will try anything.
By the way the meds they gave me make me feel hungover! and I sleep all day.
Thats why I am looking to mother nature I have given up on man.
I just wanted people to know the Military Medical Community is Worse than 3rd world counties medical communities.


i have vertigo now. i have had it for 10 days. i spent my entire independance day in the er. and im only a teenager so this was super scary because i had never felt this terrible before. we have no cigarettes and i might not try this, but one comment on here said that her/his meds they were given made them feel hungover and sleepy. me too! i wanted to sleep all day! it is scary and terrible especially for someone my age. i wanna run but cant and wanna sleep but it feels terrible to lay down and takes 20 mins. to get used to it. i feel sorry for everyone who has had, does have, or ever gets vertigo.

Dizzy in San Diego

I have suffered with vertigo, on and of most of my life, this is the first time I have had it for any length of time...I am definately NOT liking this! I don't like taking drugs, besides, most of them don't work and the side effects are usualy awful. In searching the internet for how to treat vertigo, I stumbled accross this stuff called 'VertiFree'. It is a homeopathic remedy that temporarily supports inner ear balance, relieves dizziness and nausea...Sounds like it is worth a try to me! I am going to get some. They are having a 15% off sale right now too. The website is 'Native remedies. com...After I try it, I will post again to let you know how it worked :-)


Thats the most ignorant thing i have ever read, knowing someone who posted that is laffing off their ass at you ignorant fools who tried to stick a cigarette in your ear, come on think about it if a cegerette is bad for your lungs it would be bad for the rest of your body as well

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