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I have been away from my husband who is out of the US for immigration issues which we we're trying to resolve and obviously had unprotected sex when I saw him 8 months ago and then again 2 months ago. 2 weeks after being with him I noticed about 4 small/tiny bumps on my vagina and about 8 on my anus which I thought was razor burn of some sort but within a week I knew it was warts :( I was devistated and cried myself to sleep on several occasions. I started reading how to get rid of these at home because I'm am just terrified of going to the doc and being embarrased and basically branded as a slut or a whore my whole life and its not like u can explain to the doc that your story (like he would care). Anyways :) I started the ACV and it didn't burn to much on the first day, I put cotton balls soaked in acv in between my butt and then put more cotton balls on the affected area on my vagina and put tape on top and pressed down for a good 3 hours.The next morning I went to work and the warts were a wierd grey color not white like everyone had said and I picked at the ones on my vagina and they started falling off. The next night I did the same thing and this is when the pain started I had to take ibuprofen for the pain but I got through it. By day 3 the ones on my anus where completely gone. On my vagina the skin started turning white and started peeling I did it 4 nights in a row until it was like raw skin on my vagina so I decided to give a break I had read that boosting your immune system helps so I had bought some vitamin c chewable tablets at walmart that were orange flavored (hate swallowing pills) so I had a crazy idea to crush the vitamin c tablet and put it on my vagina where the raw skin was and kind of let it stay there while my skin healed.. it stung so bad I could barely walk but the wierd thing is the next day. My skin had completely healed like I never had anything so I decided to use the acv at night and in the day crush the vitamin and let it sit there anyways .. :) 1 week and they were gone and they have been gone for 1 month and a half and hopefully my body has cleared it because I do no think I deserve this horrible virus. I don't think anyone does.

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Hey it's glad u turned out good. Well I'm a boy and I have hpv I believe and I want to fond a way to remove it with out the doctor I have tried compound w but it seems like it isn't strong enough I need something to kill and remove this my family doesn't know and well I don't want them too I need help if anyone knows a way to get ride of them please tell me


Have you tried the acv?? Its worth a try


How do you put acv on your skin? Do you strech the cotton ball? and how do you tape it?


where i can buy all these natural ingredients like acv,tea tree oil?cause im here in south korea and i think its difficult to find the tea treee oil..please help coz i wanna do try this home remedy soon.seems aldara creme doesnt show any signs that it works.

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