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Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional. ... unless you have a persistent toothache.

I have a ten year old crown that developed some sensitivity two days ago. Sensodyne TP helped but after 24 hours and until now, the pain has became almost unbearable. The pain pulsates with my heart beats and made worse by laying down.

The only relief I've had comes from drinking some cool water which I let come in contact with the tooth. The relief is almost instantaneous but
lasts only a few minutes.

This kind of pain is caused by gas pressure that builds up under the tooth, secondary to nerve root decomposing or rotting. The cold water causes the gas to contract thus the relief when swigging with cold water.

What Worked: A hydrogen peroxide compress for the tooth, for ten minutes followed by a big clove of garlic, peeled and held to the side of the tooth for ten minutes.

Cold water helped the most but once you start down this road you will need the cold water all day and night to get any relief. I'ts hard to fall asleep when you need to repeat the cold water process every two to three minutes.

The cure: extraction of the tooth or a root canal to rid the tooth of the offending nerve degeneration or rot. Since my money is tight, this tooth is coming out tomorrow providing I can get into see the dentist.

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Had the same problem... holding cold water in my mouth was the only thing that would help...until i went to the dentist.

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