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I was 6 years old when I was first diagnosed with scalp and skin psoriasis. I am now 45 years old and I still haven't found a remedy that works beyond a six-month period! Seriously, I have had all kinds of prescription and OTC meds, alternative and complimentary potions, lotions as well as all manner of dietary restrictions. Today I am a 5'2' 80lb non-smoking teetotal caffeine-free vegan woman who does yoga every morning and meditates every evening. Go figure! Having said that, what's been working for me - and when i say 'working' I mean keeping the existing lesions bearable - is organic virgin coconut oil. I use non-soap coconut oil bar to wash, generously slap on the oil twice a day plus the lotion several times during the day. I've been on this 'program' for the past 3 years and I find that it helps with the scarring, relieves the itching, soothes irritation and helps heal injury and trauma when I give myself a good ol' scratch! It's worth investing in the good stuff because as we know chemicals only aggravate matters. I use OrganicFiji but there are several good organic products out there. Hope this helps

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The coconut oil sounds good for the body, but I have scalp psoriasis---any ideas for that?


80 lbs? Even at your height and age, and even with your 'healthy' vegan diet, this is probably not a healthy weight. Often psoriasis can be linked to a food allergy or lack of nutrition. Perhaps you are missing something important in your diet. You should consult a nutritionist.

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