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If you are feeling that you are so angry due to powers beyond your own control, then you have to talk to a doctor. Acute Psycosis is a developmental form of mental illness. If you ignore it, the chemical imbalance in your system can get worse, and you will suffer more. Don't wait until the police put a 72 hour hold on you to see a doctor, unless your insurance won't cover it. Look, in the mirror, at home. Decide if you want to be less hostile looking physically and emotionally. Go to your hospital and request a drug to prevent your acquiring Acute Psychosis. Take this drug for only 3 days (as long as the dosage does not leave you over drugged). Then stop. The most important thing is that you stop. And, you will find, that with the correct chemical balance, you can not be made angry. The psychological medicine practice is the most suspect during our 'medical crisis' thing. So take care and don't let them exploit you or ignor you. I pray to God, in Jesus name that you overcome this problem, soon.

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u said pray to jesus, but wat if i m not christian??? i'm a mousleem.

Dr Angry

Thank you Dr Phil! You are not a doctor nor is Dr Phil so go practice your hack quack theory somewhere eles. Don't piss me off!!!!

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