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Gum pain can be a symptom that leads to more complicated conditions such a meningitus, bacterial gengivitus (trench mouth) and other conditions. When the teeth begin to chip bacteria builds up and inflammation. The important this to do is to avoid any chips from burrowing into other parts of you head. Keeping the mouth germ free becomes important. The best product that gives relief is a combination of vinegar (basalmic is the best) and salt. Depending on how severe the pain is you might want to make a facial mask of the vinegar and salt, and apply it to the affected area. This should give you 24 hour comfort. It will expel the topical bacteria surrounding the inflammed area. However, until you remove every chip, from broken teeth, foreign particle or tarter, the pain will reaacure. Seeing a dental hygenist will be you first step, until you can expel the calcium (fibroidic particles). Drinking milk with a little nutmeg helps to control the tendancy of bone and teeth to fibriolate.

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Chris Harper(my REAL name)

Why be so disrespectful when someone is trying to help YOU. The internet is the best thing that's happened to cowards of all types. I bet back in the days where dueling was legal we would know the brave from the weak. BTW,after you fix your yuck mouth you should invest in a dictionary or a spell check program.




Thank you for the home remedy,i found on this site,telling me to have balsamic vinegar and salt,it gives,instant relief! Xx


lolz too @ Chris.


How do you apply it to the effected area?


thank you very much it helped alot I was actually able to sleep after it ...


If u dont want to apply it to ur face wat is tha other option? This mess hurts so bad it brings tears to my eyes im not one to let pain bother me but my mouth is a whole different story!! Please help me i just want to eat nd sleep i gotta feed tha baby im carring nd i cant eat or get ne rest...Thanx


yr right about the idiot with the potty mouth, find some manners r a disgrae


We didn't have money to go to the clinic so I looked up the internet for natural remedies and I found your solution to it. 2 minutes ago my mom was lying in pain. Right after she used the vinegar and salt, she's all smiles. Thank you very much. Only God can repay your help.

Grate Angel

u r a TRUE lifesaver for this one. omgggg cnt thank u enough. my boyfriend was jus in tremendous pain less than 15 min ago...until i came across ur advice & indeed..IT WORKED !!!!!!:) he was screamin for his life....and thanks to u, he's quiet again...thanksss again

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