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Much advice is given on this topic, and quite frankly are harmful. Antibiotic resistant bacteria is extremely common in the treatment of foot disorders. And, therefore a podiatry recommended course of treatment, should always be your first choice. But, I won't leave you without hope during our 'medical crisis'. The best product on the market for the treatment of athlete's foot is hydrogen perioxide. We used to have available this product in the gel form, and without it, frankly were quite lost. But repeated uses of the hydrogen perioxide liquid 3% (with sloughing) will eliminate the bacteria, and it will not return. Also, the recommendation for fennel is a great one since, fennel is one of the strongest antioxidants in your home. It captures the nitrates within your system and converts it to a nitroxide, thus freezing everything in that region. The reaction is mild yet effective. This most common side effect is hypothermia (freezing) so avoid this method during the winter. That is why hydrogen perioxide is the best method. Both methods eliminate free radicals that attribute to the growth of phages, or antibiotic resistant bacteria.

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It doesn't sound like you know what you're talking about. Athelet'es foot isn't a bacterial infection, for one thing.


Yep..its confirmed...they dont know what they are talking about. The fennel part really sealed the deal for me. Athletes foot is a fungus, not bacteria. Its actually advanced form of ringworm.


When the condition worsens and cracks a bacterial infection can set in...yes it is a fungus and should be treated as such but watch for open oozing cracks where the bacteria can set in

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