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I found out I have GH or HSV2. I found out literally 3 days ago, unofficially. But it is pretty obvious.
My story is that I often get bacterial vaginosis. Which I have now read that there may be some connection, so I am wondering if I have had it longer then I thought. Anyway, I decided to get checked out, just to make sure, which is was I sometimes do when I am having my BV symptoms. I went in to my dr with similar yet different symptoms then I usually have. (TMI) Drainage was different & this time I had abdominal pain. I also felt like crap, but no fever. Thought maybe it was because I got up super early that day. Dr examined me which was supppper sensitive & later told me my BV, yeast, & trich were negative. Great, I probably have something worse. She gave me meds anyway just in case while we wait for my gon/chlamydia results. Basically all week I noticed a 'cut' on my lower labia that I thought I got from shaving or something more intimate lol. Wasnt healing but I thought that was because every time I went to the bathroom I would just recut it... literally that night when I got home from school I knew something was wrong. It just didn't make sense that I hurt this bad. Everyday I have checked down there & haven't seen anything (nor did my dr apparently) but this time I really look. & I see a sore. I freak. I am devastated. I call my dr first thing in the am & tell her what is up. They call me in medications. Now it is day two & it has gotten worse. There are more sores & outbreaks. I am in a lot of pain but mostly when I got to the bathroom & cleanse. This sucks. I know the first outbreak is the worse.

My story is a little different because I knew the guy who gave it to me had it. He told me. Flat out. I knew he did. He is a nurse so I kind of trusted him in that sense. He takes his medications everyday, said he hasn't had an outbreak in awhile & we always used condoms. But once, the condom fell off so I wonder if it happened then. He was extremely sorry. But it still sucks.

I just want to get through this initial outbreak. I am taking my medications they gave me. I am still getting more I think & they are very active I should say. I need something smoothing to help for now. Any ideas?

I have read the aloe, baking soda, alcohol, etc. Which is best for the initial outbreak with semi open sores & least painful!?

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make a tylenol pm paste (the pill plus water) and rub it on an open sore. it will help et through the day if you have to be out. i read about this on this forum & tried it and it works. good luck!


I drink A LOT of water, eat piles of Radishes and put tea tree oil on the sores. The tea tree oil is a major saving grace... It dries them out and is super soothing. Try this. The pastes are a waste of time

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