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My ear was really congested for 2 days and it was driving me nuts and I didn't have a heating pad or anything.So right before I went to bed I put two washcloths under the sink.It doesn't matter if it is hot or cold water but hot work's better.I put it in the microwave for 2 minuets and wrapped them up in a towel when I got in bed I laid on my ear with the towel under it and when i woke up the congestion in my ear was gone.

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This works for me, though the microwave isn't necessary. Just hot water on a wash cloth works just fine.


Actually sometimes a microwave can be helpful,the hotter you can stand it the better.and as someone who's grown up with so many earaches it's ridiculous,Im speaking from years 29 years of experience:) heating pads are great too.and yes you definitely need to take a decongest to clear up all that mucus gunk.if it's infected an antibiotic is 9 times out of 10 going to be required and will clear it up fairly quick.I know how very painful earaches can be,it's a awful kinda pain,one of the worst kinds I hope anyone who's suffering from this gets better soon and finds some relief ASAP :)


Have to disagree with the 'Antibiotics are necessary' comment. I've had blocked ears and ear infections innumerable times since I was a kid. I'm 31 now. I haven't taken an antibiotic in about 5 or 6 years. My ears take just as long to clear up as they always did. Ear infections will generally run their course like most other infections. Neti/Salt water rinses seem to help quite a bit to keep blocked ears from becoming painful infections.


I dont understand why all of you are confusing TWO DIFFERENT THINGS !! FOR GODS SAKE !! CONGESTION is not EAR EACHING !!

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