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My Daughter has struggled with Eczema Since the Day She practically Hit 1yrs old, As a mother when you see anything on your Child Skin that may Cause her Pain You Panic and So I did. It pained My heart Each Tine I saw her literally tearing into her skin.After taking her to the Doctor She got Prescribed Hydrocortizone Cant remember the Brand None the less It appeared to work at first cleared her skin up beautifully But after a month or so It start appearing again, I got another prescription and Continue using after a while It appear this cream was no longer working, went back to Doctor She gave her another same thing worked for a while then Stopped, At this point I am highly ticked If the Doctor Cant help her, how was I suppose to, cream after Cream Lotion after lotion I was getting desperate and spending More than I could afford Monthly trying to Find Something to Calm Her skin.After A while I decided to do my own research and find a way to help my child, I went online and looked up everything i could, After reading all i could I decided to try using Hydrocortizone 10 ointment I had previously bought in rite Aid cost me $10 but the bad news It only last me mybe 2-3days top My next step was to buy The Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion, After Buying the Ointment I notice I didnt have Enough money on me at the Time for the Vaseline Lotion But My Daughter Still Needed A lotion, There was a Discount store next to where i was So i decided to See what they Had IN there I eventually Saw This lotion Its Called ('Intimate'-Vitamin E Lotion') I only Spent a $1.00 on this. Got home Cut her nails its important if Child is young to keep them Clean and Cut harder for them to Dig IN there Skin, Gave her a Bath I decided not to Dry her Skin Instead I applied the Hydrocortizone skin directly on the Wet skin along with the lotion all itching stopped with a few minutes and skin Calm, I put enough lotion on it so as u can still see the lotion I did not blot up extra lotion on Skin I allowed It to Dry. Kept Doing this For 3days until the Ointment was Finish all was well, She did not appear to be itching So i decided to Continue using the Lotion and Buy another Ointment later in the week Just in Case She started Itching again Her skin Stayed Calm and All the Scratches From her digging in her skin was literally Cleared up within a week, I guaratee You this is No Joke, The itching came back after about a month but the Break out did not I went and Got another ointment and Applied it again For the 3 days then went back to the Lotion alone I have had Great result So far with this hope it help another Mother. Also I must mention I cut out Dairy In her Diet (NO MIlk,NO NUTS,NO EGG) At this Point Her Skin Is A Picture oF health.

Remedy: (NO MIlk,NO NUTS,NO EGG) Hydrocortizone 10 AND Vitamin E Lotion(Please Apply on Damp Skin After Shower) And If Possible Apply Lotion Every Hour Or whenever Sign Of Itching. After A few Days You May Lay-Off the Use Of the Ointment. And Just Use the lotion.

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I have had chronic Exzema since i was a child i am 21 now and i go to the dermatoligist every 3 months. When she gets out of the bath put the lotion or medicine on her and wrap her legs, arms exct..(whatever is broke out) with plastic wrap this holds in the moisture. also tanning beds and salt water pools are GREAT!!!!


You cannot keep up the use of the Hydrocortizone it is not good for the skin, especially on little kids.

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