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This post’s another thumbs up for the apple cider vinegar.

My story, it had been about a year and a half between me and my boyfriend’s last sexual partner, he got an std test before we started sleeping together, he showed no symptoms, still doesn’t, I was a virgin, and we always used protection. Still after about 8 months I discovered rough little bumps on my lady parts. As the days went by I kept finding more, and at my boyfriend’s insistence I went and saw the doctor. He took one glance and, yup, confirmed they were genital warts. I was floored. I had been so careful my entire life to avoid this very thing! Shows that sometimes even when you take all the right precautions these things will still hit you.

So he got some liquid nitrogen and froze them. Did hardly anything, in fact they got worse, so I went back and he spent a good 20 minutes down there freezing the crap out of them. This time the warts halved in number...for a week, and then every single one came back, and brought friends. The doctor said the next thing to try was the cream Aldara, which was almost $100 a bottle/month, possible side effect laden, and no guarantee it would work. No getting your money back if this doesn’t work! Plus something in his tone made me think he was not exactly eager to put me on the stuff.

As a poor college student I told him I’d think about it, and went home and hit the internet. Since I’d had good luck with home remedies in the past (olive oil in the ear to break down an ear wax blockage for example) I thought I’d give one a shot. And the most popular remedy seemed to be apple cider vinegar. And to be honest I didn’t actually expect it to work, just wanted to try something either than begging God to take them away. Actually I guess he answered that prayer in the form of a condiment.

So I found some in the cupboard, soaked it into a cotton ball, and held it against my warts for about an hour and a half a day while watching a movie. And the other people here aren’t lying when they say it burns like a mother! And with each night as it eroded away a bit of the skin and broke down the warts enough to make them bleed, the pain level cranked up to excruciating!
What happened was the first night it turned all my warts white, and I may as well say it turned my whole vagina white they were that bad. But by day 3 I noticed some of them had shrunk, and when I lightly scratched the smallest ones, which were still white 12 hours after treatment, they just came right off! By day 5 even the largest ones were gone. And here I am on day 6, I have maybe 2 teeny tiny ones left, when not a week ago I had probably 40. I’m going to keep up the treatment a bit longer to reduce the chances of the warts growing back, and I know they still might, but at this point I’ve had far more success with something you put on your fries than most people have with a half dozen trips to the doctor. Way cheaper too. Still I suggest seeing your doctor at least once, at least for a proper diagnosis.
Now I'm trying to eat better, take my vitamins, and do all I can for my body so it can hopefully either suppress or get rid of the hpv virus completely.

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Hey I'm 14 years old decently tough I go to school and play sports I was diagnosed with genital warts I'm guessing around a year ago I'm almost 15 and well idk how I got them I am a virgin but I have went decently far my mom has this type of organic cider should u advise me to do it? Please awnser soon


Well I just used plain old apple cider vinegar, no name brand even. If you aren't sure this is the treatment for you maybe try a little on a small patch or single wart for awhile. For me I got results in days but it seems that mileage may vary. I'd say give it a shot if nothing else seems to be working.


Oh, and MAKE SURE it is apple cider vinegar. Not apple cider, not white vinegar (tho that might work I'd stick to exact instructions) not apple cider wine. Apple cider vinegar.

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