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I found that when my baby was colic, his grandmother made peppermint tea, with real peppermint. Boil the tea leaves and strain and then add water to the bottle, let cool and give to baby. Also I found that a warm bath helped too, or even a warm towel(put in microwave) and then on baby's abdomen helped also. Gripe water...Didn't work at all. Doctor also said that colic only lasts until 4 months..and what do ya turned 4 months and POOF was gone!!

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An important thing to remember with peppermint is that it can decrease breast milk production.


After 4 months was the baby gone or the colic? Lol.


Lol to baby gone


i just tried giving warm water 2-3 spoons in the evenings,and the colic was gone alhamdulillah

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