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OMG! THANK YOU to whoever wrote about peanut butter! I haven't had a toothache as bad as this before being that I woke up at 3:30AM with this horrible toothache with no car due to a car accident two weeks ago, I had to use what I had at home! I went to the doctor for back pain (from car accident) and was prescribed ibuprofen 600mg. I took one after I rinsed my mouth with mouthwash. Then I decided that since both the pill and mouthwash didn't work nor did the ice cube I placed on the gum I had no other option but to try this peanut butter stuff. I placed it on the gum around the tooth that was in pain which was my right lower molar. And tah daaaa! Just like magic the PEANUT BUTTER worked! YAY! I swear by it! :) hope this helps someone else even if it's just one individual! Goodluck to all in pain.

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Pat: You have it backwards. I spent the money, but if I had watied two days, it wouldn't have had to spend it. That is, by trying to solve a problem early, I spent money on a problem that went away by itself. Coolidge's quote is about not solving problems on the theory that nearly all of them will solve themselves. It's kind of the opposite of 'a stitch in time saves nine,' which means that solving problems early is cheaper.


Peanut Butter worked for me........Pain free at last..thanks for original poster


This saved my life!(: I am a juvenile on probation with a ankle monitor. My mom is out of town and my stepfather is a fucking asshole. My back right tooth on the bottom is broken all the way its nothing but nerve pretty much. Thank you I was going to walk to the store to get something with the risk of getting violated and having that box go off!


I tried this right away (I have one molar that is completely gone to the gums on one side) and the pain subsided dramatically.


Thank you for posting this, not a HUGE help, but def eased the pain till I can get to the store for clove oil and dental wax

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