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This worked after two applications. I was amazed, because I know it sounds nuts, but I can't argue with the results. Two steps, after preparation: wash in warm water and soap, (preferably antibiotic soap, of course) and use a 'hot as you can stand it' compress to open the pores first, then (step one) CAREFULLY apply salt (I used Kosher salt, but I suspect any pure salt will do, although rock salt or sea salt would probably be preferred, similar to Kosher) DIRECTLY to the sty (don't get it in your eye, it will sting some until the tears wash it out). However, oddly, when it's on the sty, it just causes some tingling, no real pain. Leave it on for awhile, it will dry out and flake off. Seems to dry it up. Then (step two) put on a slice or a poultice of Idaho potato (no skin, of course, just the meat). One day, two applications, it was gone the next morning.

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Mine was actually inside my upper eyelid.. I decided to try it because I'm very curious and I would do anything to get rid of the stye, when I put it on the stye my eye automatically closed/blinked and I got it in my eye. It did burn,a lot but it helped so its okay :)

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