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I grew up on a farm and we had farm dogs and house dogs. They all were always fed people food with garlic in it. (Mom was a big garlic lover and the cook) These dogs lived to ripe old ages (16 to 18 years) and never once were we told the garlic was harmful by our vet.

Now a days I live in town and both my dogs eats table scraps and if there is garlic in it, they eat it. Both have yearly vet check ups and both pass with flying colors. All though the older one has been allergic to corn since he was a puppy, he is now going on 14 and as long as I don't feed him corn, he is perfectly fine.

I also use Dawn dish soap to wash them in if the fleas are bad, usually around mid summer since we live in a sandy area. I use an organic oatmeal shampoo from the feed/farm supply store with every other bath for them. The oatmeal helps with the itching and cools any inflamed skin as well. We have wooden floors so we don't usually get fleas too badly in the house, but I have had to use baking soda before when we lived in a carpeted house. Regular vacuuming works too! Even daily, until your flea problem is gone.

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Garlic can kill them!

Carol-Ann Nelson

I too have used Dawn Dish soap for my dog and Suave Natural Tropical Coconut conditioner to stop any itching. Coconut is very healthy for dogs internally too - check it out for yourself.


Has anyone tried giving their dogs garlic in a supplement form for convenience sake to deter fleas/ticks?

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