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i just found out a week ago that i have GH, at first i was really freaked then i found this web site and it made me feel not so ashamed. since the pain was so severe, i started reading stories and remedies. i read a few on here about a homemade topical ointment/paste of vagisil, benadryl and tylenol. at first it worked, but then it just started to burn. i also read something about aloe vera, so i decided to try that and that actually helped soothe and alleviate the pain. one that i just recently tried was the tea tree oil and may i say that it works wonders! not to be all detailed, but you can FEEL how cooling it is. thank you!

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Thank you all for sharing your stories. I'm not sure yet whether I do have herpes or not. My tests have the doctors confused, but I know what my body feels and it's nothing good. I will definitely try to stay as hopeful as I can and be much more careful about what I do. I thank God that I have a wonderful family, but I'm afraid to share my concerns with them.


I just started feeling burning upon urinating and some bumps recently took predinsone and antibiotics for strep. Im still running fever. Im concerned with it might be the possibility of herpes. I recently just got divorced due unfaithful husband and have met a wonderful man im scared but have told him and he is so supportive.

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