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I have had severe tooth pain for the past few days, I've tried paracetamol, ibuprofen and even co-codomol, only dimmed the pain for the first few hours. Eating hurts, and drinking hot or cold drinks does. Anything excessively sugary causes the pain to rocket.

I found this website and after reading for a short while I brushed my teeth with sensodyne toothpaste and used listerine mouthwash. The sensodyne protects the teeth like it would sensitive teeth and the listerine kills bacteria.

I also find that washing your mouth out with warm salty water works brilliantly for short term relief.

Tea seems to relieve the pain, though I've yet to try a tea-bag directly to the affected teeth.

Sitting up seems to help relieve the pain because there's less pressure from blood to the jaw.

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'Anything excessively sugary' should be avoided most of the time, toothache or not. Eating too many excessively sugary things could be the reason for tooth decay in the first place!


the tea bags thing is good, it draws infection, my gram tought me that.. also not sure if it works but my uncle said to put cornstarch on it, he said it worked wonder fer him

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