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asian female in FL

I am a 42 year old female, contracted GH when I was 33 years old. Like everyone else who have discovered when they first have it, I cried terribly, thought it was the end of my world, and a complete end to any future intimate relationships. I felt dirty and useless. When I came to an understanding with myself that I can't let GH take control of my life, I went online and come across many helpful websites to help me deal with it. I was fortunate to have found someone who understands what I have and loves me regardless --he's now my husband. He's been also persistant doing research online for the most current treatements and possible (and hopeful) vaccines for getting rid of this annoying virus forever.
Initially, my OB was mainly on the same , small spot. Just two days ago, I now have small OBs on the sides of my vaginal walls. I was hoping it would not spread anywhere else, but I decided not to let it get me down all over again, and treat my OBs like I normally do.
As for my OBs, I can tell I'm about to have one when I feel a 'muscle ache' around my genital area ( when I flex my muscles down there ) or I have a terrible cramping that runs from my right buttock down the back of my thigh. I'm thinking the virus stimulates sciatica. Sciatica is the irritation of one of the many spinal nerve roots which results in pain--which we know that's where the pesky GH virus lies dormant. Sometimes, my right butt cheek feels like it's asleep as well --but those are my tell-tale signs that I will have an OB.
I take Lyseine (1000 mg )2-3x/day once my signs appear; for suppression I take 1000mg once a day. At times, the OB doesn't happen if I take them early enough, but when the OB does appear, it's present for 2-3 days. I also take Valtrex(valacyclovir) 500mg 1 tab once a day; if I have signs of an OB, I take Valtrex 1 tab 2x/day.
I do try and get enough sleep, be around positive people and have a positive outlook in my life, workout ( P90X and TurboFire are the programs I do ), yoga, and eat healthy as much as possible. I avoid foods that have arganine and nuts. I do have chocolate once in a great while, but I don't see that as a trigger for me.
Also, once in awhile my period will set my OB off,too.
My home remedies are pretty much what I have read on this site and others so far, along with what my husband discovered as well; I keep my vaginal area clean --washing 2-3x/day with Dial Antibacterial bodywash. ( I bought a cheap spray bottle and used it to mix my Dial bodywash and warm water, and washed the area.) Pat dry. I applied a light dust of baking soda with a cotton pad on the external and internal parts of my vaginal area( which did sting for a few )so I dabbed a water-soaked cotton pad to lessen the sting, which it did. I then appled a thin coat of Vagisil afterwards. I also put my blowdryer on low/warm setting on the area.I have to say--no more itching and burning! Since I am at home, I don't wear panties to help the area air out --what I do during an OB is to wear loose, guy's boxers. :)
Take care to everyone.

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