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I have had Angular Cheilitis twice now. Once a couple years back which I initially thought was a pimple and once again right now.

After it didn't go away for an entire month, somebody convinced me the first time I got it to take abreva (they thought I had a cold sore but clearly they knew nothing about cold sores). The abreva made it go away immediately.

However, this time around, I tried a regular cold sore gel (perhaps I should have bought the same brand, Abreva) and it didn't do ANYTHING. The cut was getting worse and worse and I definitely wasn't gonna let it stay for a month.

So, I went online and read a ton of reviews. I tried the one with the highest rating, which was simply to purchase Campho-Phenique, a gel that relieves cold sores, fever blisters, and pain. It's about half the price of a regular cold sore gel (only $7), you can find it right next to all those gels and chapsticks, and it works wonders!

I have only been using it for 10 hours now since this morning and it's reduced to half the size. I also bought carmex (or vaseline) since petroleum jelly is better for your lips than other chapstick.

It says to only apply 1-3 times a day but I've already applied it like 7 times. If you have extra sensitive skin, I would advise putting only 3 times a day. I'd rather have dry, irritated skin than a mouth sore that is very embarrassing to look at.

That's all I did, hope it helps.

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Wanted to say Thank You for ur post using Campho-Phenique. I went to the Drug Store after I read Ur post and bought that campho. I put it on SERIOUSLY instantly I could open my mouth.! What a Relief! After a yr off and on Going thru this thinking it was just chapped lips and being under alot of stress. I havent been able to eat a hamburger In a long time. lol.. Just wanted to say Thank You that ur comment Worked for me!!!!!!!!! =)

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