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Well I figure since I've seen progress with ACV I would give it some more love on here. I started noticing little bumps about 6 months ago and kinda just wrote it off because I have had Fourdyce spots on my tesicles and lips since I've been little. Very faint spots but I notice them so I wrote it off as that. Then they got bigger, and bigger and my girlfriend started to freak. I tried all kinds of stuff including things on the internet...Wartol and Dermisil with very mild success... Never got rid of them just made them smaller and would eventually come back. I did have a lot of partners in college (not proud of it now that's for sure now that I've found someone I really care about) but thats another story. Desperate I went to a local store and spent $1 on ACV. I wrapped my junk in a paper towl for about 3 hours. When someone else said it was the worst pain of their life...I would agree. I gutted it out for 3 hours twice a day for 2 days. On the third day I did it for 3 hours in the morning before work and then after work the third day I tried again and it was ungodly painful after about an hour I couldn't gut it out anymore. I took a shower and flushed everything out and all but one were completely raw and gone. Now 2 hours later they're healed up and it looks great. One last one left. Seriously spent $300+ on crap online and ACV for $1 did the job. The pain is awful but it was the only thing that worked for me.

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Well, they are all officially gone. I still do have a scab where the biggest one was located but I think its because I picked at it so much before I knew what the heck I should have been doing. Its flat but still very slightly raised doesn't look like a wart to me. Does that mean its dead or is it still active? I mean, you really have to work to feel it. Anyway, I'm feeling pretty good with how well and fast it worked. I still think going to a doctor is #1 but it was embarrassing for me especially for my job now. Its a job in a public sector and I cannot just go to the doctor and feel comfortable with it. Please before you waste your money on expensive crap on the internet, try ACV but be prepared for pain.

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