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PLEASE STOP TRYING HOME REMEDYS!!! they do not do the job, i dealt with athletes foot for 6 months and it was torture, i dont know how ppl deal with it for years and why they are still trying home remedys that are not clearing it up... what a nightmare.. go to your local grocery store or drug store, go to the footcare section and pick up some TINACTIN!! there is a also a doctor scholls spray that works just as well, it is in a tall can and is a foot spray that goes directly on your feet and can also be sprayed in your shoes. PLEASE STOP TRYING HOME REMEDYS THEY ONLY GIVE TEMPORARY RELIEF! i soaked my feet on cold bleach water for a month.. it gave me releif for a couple hours (probably becouse i couldnt feel my feet) i hope you find this helpful and can finally get a good nights sleep.

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My husband's used 'over the counter' and 'prescription' drugs for years and still has it. So don't try and speak for everyone. Thanks.


Sometimes it's not just home remedies you have to also considering what you are putting into your body if you eat junk with chemicals and then slather on anything it may not do the trick try eating better in combination to hydrogen peroxide. Most of the lotions and crap that doctors give you you become immune to overtime anyways. People get sick because they don't take care of their bodies. Many sugars and carbs assist in creating too much yeast so people end up with Athletes foot toe fungus and yeast infections. It's hard to battle problems when your feeding the fire.


I agree, you should give such a definitive statement that home remedies don't work. I've tried tinactin and the ds spray for two months straight. Still no relief. The home remedies work better. So rather than listen to your knocking of home remedies, I'll go with what relieves the pain.


I've bought so many tubes of Tinactin that i should be part owner of the company and still have AF it get so bad I have to shave a layer of skin off my feet to get some relief for a few days.HELP!!!!!


im 33 and have had it for 20 years, many doctors later and many purchases late, i still have it. nothing works for me!

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