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The ACV treatment does work. I had used it in the past. Soaking overnight isnt really that necessary, you will just burn the skin even more, and the outcome will be intense pain. Get some tape/bandaids, and cottonballs soak the cottonballs in AVC and tape it to the warts from anywhere to an hour to 5 hours, depending on how bad the warts are. Remove and rince the area. I found that when I had to pee, the urine would sting the areas horribly, so I use a warm squirt bottle and 'flush' the areas to help when I use the washroom. Apply Vitamin E oil,or any oil that soothes/heals skin, eg. Neosporin. Let yourself heal a little, when most of the stinging sensations are gone, and repeat the whole process. In just a short time, they will be gone. Some good signs it is working are; they turn white, begin to peel off in pieces, and the skin underneath is red(raw, new skin, hence the stinging you feel when you urinate.) This is the best advice one sufferer can give to another...a success story. Any treatment that involves the ACV works.

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Ugh I am SO glad to hear this, I was under the impression if your skin burns you'd just have to wait longer and any progresss you've made with them would be ruined. Thanks so much for posting this


what is acv?>


Thanks so much. I'm at the raw stage and couldn't figure out if I should do it again tonight. The pain last night was so bad I felt dizzy, but I didn't want my progress to be defeated. But I've been to the doc 6 times for treatments. ACV has been the only thing that has been working at all. the next step at the doctor was surgery..and they could still grow back. ACV is much cheeper.

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